City Gynecologists unhappy, blame rain for playing spoilsport during last year’s Navratri.


Mumbai: With heavy downpour paralyzing Mumbai and disrupting normal life, city gynecologists in a letter to Prime Minister Modi have expressed their displeasure over poor preparedness of the municipal corporation, demanding monetary compensation from the central government.

It has come to light that rain playing spoilsport during last year’s Navratri festival and subsequent less number of patients in these peak season months has become the catalyst for such complaints.

It is a well known fact that apart from being the celebration of dance & life, and being Falguni Pathak’s bread and butter, the 9 day festival is also a breeding ground for young couples looking for a casual physical relationship. A study conducted at the Quackdoses Multispeciality Hospital 2 years back found that the sale of contraceptive devices and pills in Mumbai jumped by a whopping 75 % during the 9 day celebration.

In an exclusive interview with the Quackdoses, a leading gynecologist (identity withheld) in Mumbai said, “Due to the unexpected heavy rains last year and the civic body’s unpreparedness, the Navratri pandals recorded a significantly decreased number of patrons. Like winter is the season for Chest Physicians and dentists with the increased number of patients coming with LRTI, exacerbation of Bronchial Asthma and COPD or tooth ache, Navratri and subsequent 9 months after that, is a season for the obstetricians and gynecologists. Looking at the statistics of casual and unprotected sex people have after a garba-dandiya session, the 9 day festival is a boon for the obstetrician and gynecologists. Such couples come to us for consultations and abortions, even delivery after 9 months in select cases who actually end up tying the knot. Because of the rains, last year was so dry that even OPD consultation of couples with questions like ‘kuch tension ki baat toh nai haina?’ had gone down.”

Unconfirmed sources have claimed that the National Association of Wicketkeepers (Obstetricians) and gynecologists are planning to organize a ‘yagya’ to please the Gods above and pray for a rainless Navratri this year.



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