Problems faced by Medical Post Graduates during theory exams.


1. General medicine- had multiple attacks of intentional tremors and pen rolling movements.

2. General surgery- Couldn’t find an avascular plane and couldn’t cut across it smoothly.

3. Orthopaedics- could not perform Answer Deduction and Question Fixation.

4. Pediatrics- alleged that paper was set by pedophiles.

5. Radiology- Couldn’t function properly in the bright daylight.

6. Obs & Gynaecology- developed P.I.H. (Paper Induced Hypertension).

7. Ophthalmology- developed amaurosis fugax.

8. ENT- Pen got stuck in the nose as a foreign body.

9. Preventive & Social medicine- could not decide which committee’s recommendations to follow.

10. Chest & TB- had suffocating doubts throughout, hence resorted to hyperventilation.

11. Anesthesia- faced sedative effects of questions.

12. Dermatology- developed hypersensitivity to questions.

13. Psychiatry- couldn’t surmise, why they were being questioned like this.

14. Pathology- Grade IV questions, high grade dysplasia, no recognizable pattern.

15. Microbiology- found it difficult to read the questions with naked eyes without the assistance of microscope.

16. Pharmacology- Developed question overdose effects and couldn’t find an antidote.

17. Forensic medicine- Rigor mortis set in before they started writing.

18. Anatomy- couldn’t determine the origins and insertions of questions.

19. Physiology- had sympathetic over activity with tendencies to fight, fright and flight.

20. Biochemistry- Homeostasis of their internal environment was disturbed, once they came out of the lab.