Shehzada fails to make even Siddhu laugh, wins Great Indian Laughter Challenge.


Mumbai: In an expected result which has given a reason for celebration to the Congress Party after being wiped out in the recent elections, Shahzada Rahul Gandhi was yesterday voted the winner of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge by a unanimous public vote after miserably failing to make even Siddhu laugh. Digvijay Singh and Kapil Sibbal were the 1st and the 2nd runner up respectively.

Rahul Gandhi, the self proclaimed 44 year old ‘Youth Icon’ who has gradually climbed the chart busters with his hard work and consistent performances time after time was hailed as ‘The Greatest Indian Comedian Of All Time’ in a recent opinion poll by The QuackDoc.

With the producers facing financial crisis in previous seasons of the show after multiple tables were broken by Siddhu’s banging, the challenge this season was changed to not making Siddhu laugh, clap or bang the poor table.

“Chak de phatte, stage se bhag ullu, thokunga tali nai toh, babaji ka thullu”, was what Siddhu said after Rahul Baba’s last act in the final round which consisted of jokes about him empowering women.

On being asked what he thought about the DLF deals with his Jiju Robert Vadra, he warned us of asking personal derogatory questions and ran out of the set with the escape velocity of Jupiter.

A jovial looking Asaram Bapu in his 1st public appearance after passing his 2nd potency test few months back also sent his congratulatory message to Rahul, but however dropped the bombshell by claiming to be the real ‘Youth Icon’ at 73 years of age.

Meanwhile, Aam Admi Party claimed that the results were rigged as all 3 winners were from Congress Party.