Today’s world has become really small and well connected with social media websites like, and many others giving a chance to writers & artists to showcase their talent and work. Satire, sarcasm and humor are really picking up in India and have become really popular with people from all generations, the old and the new alike. It all started globally with and it did not take long before many similar website were introduced in the country.

Our website, is also a satire, sarcasm and humor website, specifically dedicated to the healthcare industry and is very popular among doctors & healthcare workers in India, and all over the world. It is a unique idea, the first of its kind in India, and among the only 2 websites in the world (other being giving a chance to doctors, nurses, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, healthcare workers and many other from our fraternity to look at the funny side of our industry.

Ads placed through google adsense are irrelevant with readers hardly clicking on them, so we prefer getting fixed sponsorship from companies / hospitals / laboratories / medical NGOs / etc instead, as we have done in the past.

We would really be happy to partner with your esteemed healthcare sector company which will be a win-win situation for both of us, you getting to market to a target audience of doctors and healthcare workers, and we having a medical organizations as the main sponsor. The cost of the sponsorship for the 2 available spaces for an entire year would very nominal compared to the huge marketing budgets that heath care / pharmaceutical companies have. We do not post content on the website to make money out of it but only to showcase our talent, at the same time there are costs in running the website like the domain name, server cost, maintenance cost, etc which we think we can cover for with the sponsorship we get.

The website is live and you can see the advertising space that is available, at the same time we can change the cover image on the Facebook page mentioning, “Brought to you by (Your Company name & Logo)”. The advertising space can be increased and other details of the contract can be worked out once we discuss further.


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