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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Pappu suffers from enuresis & breath holding spells: The Quackdoses Exclusive

New Delhi- In a major embarrassment for the Congress party which may be considered even more shameful than farmers scrambling away with the 'khatiyas'...


Especially for Medical Interns posted in Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology & Orthopedic...

EARLY to bed, LATE to rise, makes an Intern healthy, wealthy and wise: Due to our inappropriate canteen food habits and shameful lifestyle, we...

Who is a doctor ?

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Aamir diagnosed with swine flu, accuses medical students of abuse.

Mumbai: Aamir Khan along with his wife Kiran Rao was diagnosed with Swine Flu yesterday. Despite being on generic Oseltamivir, his condition worsened and he...