CME invitation goes viral, knowledge thirsty doctors register in hordes.


Mumbai : In a revolutionary idea which might usher in a new era of medical CME invitation, the Quackdoses Multispeciality Hospital (QMH) sent out a symposium registration flyer stating ‘Applied for Cocktail Approval’, sending doctors into a frenzy on social media, Twitter and all medical Whatsapp groups in the country.

It is a well known fact that most CME invitations in Maharashtra now have ‘Applied for MMC (May-be Medical Council) points’ mentioned on them, as bait and in the hope that more doctors will pay and register for the conference. Also, it has been observed that, with or without credit points, CMEs where registration-invitation flyers mention ‘Dinner followed by cocktails’ always draw huge crowd and are a hit among the knowledge thirsty doctors.

In an exclusive interview with our Samwadata, the organizing secretary at QMH Dr. Kabhi Mat’bann™ said, “For our symposium titled ‘Alcohol is the medicine to life, and joining medicine is injurious to health’, we were yet to get formal approval for hospital sponsored cocktails from the management. Though it was a minor human error, where instead of ‘Applied for MMC points’, the typist mentioned ‘Applied for Cocktail approval’, our registrations are now full even before the last closing date. It truly reflects the enthusiasm among the doctors to interact with our distinguished speakers and panelists.”

Unconfirmed sources have claimed that maximum registrations were from NEET PG aspirants, in the hope of getting unlimited ‘neat’ fluid boluses.



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