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Veterinary physicians can soon practice allopathy in India after a 6 month bridge course.

New Delhi: In a proposal which could further cripple the healthcare sector, already facing the heat due to the moronic National Medical Council Bill...

Harrison’s publisher claims 99.9% strike rate in NEET-PG 2020.

New Delhi: The recently concluded NEET-PG exam has set off a rat race among various medical PG entrance coaching institutes, which every year after...

Major blow to Kejriwal after insurance company rejects mediclaim.

New Delhi: In another major setback for the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, the Supreme Court today upheld the rejection of mediclaim by an insurance...

Radiologist does not ask to ‘co relate clinically’, Surgeon suffers Neurogenic Shock.

Mumbai: In a never before incident in the history of modern medicine, a famous city based surgeon was admitted to the ICU in neurogenic...

Orthopedic resident shows up wearing stethoscope, receives memo on 1st day of residency.

Mumbai: In an incident which has sent shock waves in the medical fraternity, a DNB resident Deepak Kumar Singh was issued a memo by...

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The QuackDoc presents – The Art of Living, as a Medical...

The following is a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to any person living or dead. The QuackDoc takes no responsibility of your...


The ‘Untold’ truth about Medical CMEs.

Disclaimer – The following article ‘may’ be a work of fiction and is meant purely for sarcasm and humor, reader discretion is advised. The...