Quacks scared, Doctors approach Kejriwal for their degree verification.

"I'm so honest, I could have passed PSM exams without writing stories." - Kejriwal
New Delhi: In a major boost to Arvind Kejriwal’s prime ministerial aspirations for the Lok Sabha 2019 elections, doctors across the country have undisputedly nominated him for the prestigious post of clerk in the Medical Council of India to personally check the degrees of all practicing quacks in India.
It is a well known fact that compounders claiming to be doctors in small towns and villages, quacks practicing with fake non-existent degrees, BAMS / BHMS doctors prescribing allopathic medications and doing surgeries, MD medicine doctors claiming to be cardiologists and diabetologists, etc is rampant in the country. According to statistics with the Quack Medical Association, up to 45 percent of all people practicing medicine in the nation have no formal training; as many as 700,000 of these dubious practitioners, with exaggerated or falsified credentials, even work in major hospitals.
The self proclaimed ex-income tax commissioner has proved his expertise and commitment to such noble cause with his recent efforts while trying to prove of Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s degree being fake. While many claim that it was all done with orders from Congress President Sonia Gandhi to take away the limelight from the August Westland Helicopter deal, real doctors have recognized the raw talent and hailed Kejriwal as a messiah for the future of healthcare in India.
“Kejriwal’s commitment and dedication towards work is unquestionable. He was himself a victim of quackery before becoming Delhi’s Chief Minister. He is allergic to cameras and mics and suffers from bronchospasm every time he would see people from press or common man in groups. For months, a quack continued to treat him with monkey cap with muffler but to no avail. We believe that he will go in depth to find out whether or not a quack has a recognized medical degree as claimed, whether the degree is genuine or fake or finally if someone attended classes and completed his or her homework on time to be conferred the degree”, said an AAPtard who did not wish to be publicly shamed by being named.
While our personal phone calls and messages to Kejriwal went unanswered, inside sources within the Aam Admi Party revealed that Kejriwal was busy preparing for the upcoming auditions of Zee TV’s talent hunt show “India’s Best Dramebaaz- Season 3” and would announce his decision soon.



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