The Fighter In Us.


The war is still on, how can we stop,
Our blood is still warm, how can we stop,
Our mission is undone, how can we stop,
The battle is not won, how can we stop…

COVID has taken its toll, we are in pain,
Yet unbroken with the shackles and chain,
Our eyes are in tears, but spirit intact,
The fire in us still burning has its effect…

The fighter in us is raring to go,
We don’t have the time to feel a bit low,
Our hearts still beating, we must move on,
As front line warriors we continue to perform…

PPEs and masks we must carefully don,
And fight until the threat is all gone,
God will favor the mighty is our belief,
Until we breathe our last, sigh of relief…



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An Emergency Physician by profession; writer, musician, entrepreneur, sportsman and a poet by passion, Dr. Mohit Garg is currently working as Sr. Consultant & Head of the Accident & Emergency department at Gleneagles Hospital, Mumbai. Apart from his zeal to write, he is also passionate about academics and is involved in teaching activities to young doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. This website is a source through which he fulfils his talent to write, and also to bring about a social change for society & the medical fraternity.

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