A hero with no conscience.


Dear Aamir,

I would not like to begin this by highlighting your professional achievements – but will come straight to the point.

Where have you disappeared, my friend? Enjoying in your cozy farm house, going about with your daily life, waiting to get back to your vanity van, to be back on the big screen soon – while the medical fraternity around the world struggles to deal with this deadly virus?

The healthcare workers that you ridiculed, defamed and constantly showed in bad light on your social reforming STUNT show ‘ Satyamev Jayate’, episode after episode, season after season, are the real heroes in such testing times now, serving the nation – Doctors, Nurses, housekeeping staff, etc along with the police and the essential service providers, who are out there – working – trying to save people’s lives – risking their own lives, working tirelessly, mostly without PPEs, without caring for their own families – the wounded healers.

Where is the intellectual actor advocating social responsibilities and moral obligations hiding now, not sharing any words of wisdom or encouragement with your half baked knowledge and selective outrage? I’m also feeling sad that I didn’t get to see you clapping or beating your utensils at your balcony to appreciate the healthcare workers (not that it really mattered to me) last Sunday.

Forget the appreciation that doctors and nurses deserve in such times of crisis when they are the front line warriors in this pandemic, in the past too you have never ever spoken when the doctors were assaulted, nursing homes or hospitals vandalized, when Indian doctors have done breakthrough surgeries or research, when doctors have protested against the government for their rights, etc. Only your acting is an art, medical science is not?

Why? Because it will not generate TRPs, or it will not make you rich (I heard you used to charge 3 crores for 1 episode and 2 lakhs per 10 second ads of the series). Have you even thought about donating a small amount out of it when the country needs it the most? Akshay Kumar has donated Rs. 25 crore to the cause; at least Rs. 20-25 lakhs from you will not bring down your monthly rashan budget.

Let me show you the mirror, the real “Satyamev Jayate”, from the perspective of every Doctor, Nurse, and a healthcare worker who felt offended by your comments over the years – you are nothing but an insensitive coward, a low life, self centered guy who likes to be called Mr. Perfectionist (you have never asked media or your friends to not address you as that). In your eyes, your work and profession as an actor is unparalleled, heavenly, pure and honest hard work – the rest can go f*** themselves. You are nothing but Aamir the actor, nothing more than that. A hero with no conscience. Your hypocrisy stands exposed. Shame!!

– An honest, hard working, ethical, committed Emergency physician: for whom every single life matters, every single day.



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An Emergency Physician by profession; writer, musician, entrepreneur, sportsman and a poet by passion, Dr. Mohit Garg is currently working as Consultant & Head of the Accident & Emergency department at Gleneagles Global Hospital, Mumbai. Apart from his zeal to write, he is also passionate about academics and is involved in teaching activities to young doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. This website is a source through which he fulfills his talent to write, and also to bring about a social change for the medical fraternity.

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