Ghost of Infection Control Nurse spotted in hospital, staff protests.


Mumbai: The nursing team of the Emergency Department at the Quackdoses Multispecialty Hospital has been spending sleepless nights after spotting a “ghost” of the Infection Control Nurse (ICN) at the hospital.

ICNs are responsible for ensuring hand washing compliance of all hospital staff, and present the data in the monthly Infection Control Committee (ICC) Meetings. Many have claimed that the data is often forged or entered randomly to show a higher compliance of various departments. To counter claim that hospital staff hardly sees them watch over for hand washing, ICNs rebut that there are always ghost auditors.

In an exclusive interview with the Quackdoses, the ICC chairman Dr. Hath Dho said, “Some 15 nurses in the ER stopped work today, and smashed beds with IV stands demanding action to remove the ghost, which some nurses claimed had attacked them in the ladies’ washroom, after they did not wash their hands. The nurses then held special prayers — recitation of the NABH and infection control guidelines — at the hospital, and started regularly washing their hands before and after touching patients in a bid to drive out the “ghost”. The department will reopen in evening after few hours of shutdown due to the ghost-related protests.”

Experts have now claimed that the “ghost attack” could be a sign of psychological distress among hospital staff in the wake of the COVID pandemic, and have asked ICNs to be careful in maintaining their ‘Ghost’ auditor status quo.



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