Healthcare Awards Are Rigged and There’s a Formula to Win: QMH


Mumbai: In an unexpected development which has shocked the healthcare industry, the Quackdoses Multi-speciality Hospital (QMH) was declared the best hospital in the country in a survey by ‘U-pay Healthcare Awards’.

With changing trends in digital marketing, over the past few years, most hospital websites and their social media posts boast of various paid awards the hospitals and its consultants win. The voters of these surveys are non-existent entities or fake profiles on social media who are used to like, comment, share and boost the posts.

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Paisede Prizele, the Quackdoses Unit Head who ‘paid’ to win the ‘Emerging Player’ award said, “Off lately, there are too many organisations instituting countless Heathcare awards. The distance between you and your Facebook photograph receiving the award with your fake smile in the ‘Achievers Award’ category is just Rs. 15,000. If that’s expensive for you, the event organising company will create another subcategory of award to bargain, just like the Bollywood awards. Even individual doctors without any credibility or fame can get featured to win the best doctor award these days. It’s simple, Jo dikhta hai, who bikta hai !”

When Quacknews pointed out to representatives of ‘U-pay Healthcare Awards’ that this is not sustainable from a credibility point of view, they offered us the ‘Hall of Fame’ award for etching the undisputed leadership position in medical news journalism in India, for an undisclosed amount.



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