Medical Student classifies Cephalosporins in Viva Exam, gets nominated for Noble Prize in Medicine.


Mumbai: In a never before seen incident in the history of modern medicine, a second year MBBS student at the Quackdoses Medical College was able to successfully answer the full classification of Cephalosporins in his university Pharmacology Viva Exam. He has now been nominated by the Institute for the Noble Prize in Medicine for next year.

It is a well-known fact among the medical fraternity that not only remembering, even pronouncing the names of the drugs is itself a task. Even the pneumonics available online don’t seem to make any sense. Medical pundits have often claimed that the classification is similar to a MBBS student reading Hassison’s to impress his girlfriend; you appreciate it while reading and it persistently occupies your thoughts but when you try to recall, you remember nothing.

In an exclusive interview with the Quackdoses, Dr. Rattamaar said, “It usually takes 5 generations of a medical student to remember the 5 generations of Cephalosporins. The students who will remember the name of the sixth- generation haven’t even been born yet ! Smart students remember these names but true legends invent them. I used names of actresses, video game characters and technical terms starting with ‘C’ and expanded them by adding ‘sporin’ at the end. I have invented more Cephalosporins in 2 hours than the entire pharmaceutical industry in 20 years, and that too under extreme stress during the Viva exam.”

The video of the viva exam session posted online by one of the students has since then gone viral on social media and medical platforms, where the examiner can be seen clapping after the viva and wiping the tears off his face.



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