Pamela Anderson writes to BCCI, urges to promote veganism in CMEs.

Vegetarian Tandoori Chicken in CMEs soon ?

Mumbai: A day after writing a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to serve only vegan food at all government meetings and functions, Pamela Anderson wrote another letter to the Board for Control of CMEs in India (BCCI) for urging doctors to eat only vegan food at all medical CMEs.

It is a well known fact that doctors at CMEs are extremely fond of tandoori chicken and medical experts have often considered it a symbol of bravery, intelligence and good health. In her letter, Anderson pointed out that the raising of animals for dairy items, meat, and eggs to serve at the CMEs accounted for 2 % of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.

Quackdoses interviewed Dr. Arun Swaminathan, the BCCI president and world famous authority on eating, about his views on the news. In between finger licking while eating and lots of loud burps and a few stinky farts, he spoke to our special reporter, who was dressed in bio protective suit for personal safety and fresh air. “Tandoori chicken is a symbol of the skills and identity of the medical profession having benefits at all concentrations – at low concentrations, it makes food tasty; at medium concentration, it makes the belly fat; and at high concentrations, it clears out the gut completely (diarrhea). It is hypocrisy of Pamela, a former playmate, who herself enjoyed the pleasures of the small pieces of meat, but discourages Indian doctors from it in the name of climate change,” said Swaminathan.

It is yet to be known if the BCCI or PM Modi will officially respond to Anderson’s letter. Unconfirmed sources have claimed that BCCI had been considering declaring tandoori chicken the official bird of medical CMEs and was contemplating changing its own logo to a chicken holding a stethoscope, steps which have been put on hold temporarily.



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