Patient sues hospital, alleges delay in administering lifesaving medicines.


MUMBAI: In a never before seen incident in the history of medico-legal cases, a patient has sued a multi-speciality hospital in the city for not giving him Pantoprazole & Ondansetron intravenously on admission, thereby causing emotional distress.

It is a well-known fact that ordering Inj. Pan and Inj. Emset are like the developmental milestones for any doctor, similar to how a baby learns to speak monosyllables at 9-12 months of age. Both these injections are considered the ‘welcome drinks’ for all patients getting admitted to any hospital or nursing home, and are often referred to as ‘masala’ or ‘cocktail’ when consultants dictate treatment sheet to residents. Even nurses over time develop reflex actions to load the vials without prescription and use the drug filled syringes as flush while putting the IV lines.

In an exclusive interview with the Quackdoses, Mr. Pan-dey, the patient said, “Like how hotels give a complimentary bottle of mineral water at the time of check in, as a customer, is it wrong to expect a vial of Inj. Pan and Inj. Emset on completion of formalities at the admission desk? I expected that these basic life-saving drugs should have been administered immediately to me for my long standing bleeding piles. I wonder now if my treating doctor was really a quack.”

In their prayer application to the court, Pan-dey’s lawyers have claimed that these were unpardonable lapses from the doctors at the hospital, since the standard side effects of any medicine is ‘nausea, vomiting & gastritis’, as seen in pharmacology viva exams, which should be controlled with pre-treatment of Pantoprazole and Ondansetron.

Our attempts to contact the hospital for explanation went unanswered due to lack of relevant options on the IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System).



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