Relatives threaten to stare at Nursing Sisters if Doctor does not stop either.


Mumbai: In a Tit for Tat incident in the psychiatry ward of LTMGH, angry relatives of a psycho patient Mr.Raas Leela (admitted for stalking a female colleague) turned violent and threatened to stare at the Hospital nursing sisters if the on duty Houseman did not stop staring at the unfortunate patient’s sister Bholi.

“Humein iss Doctor ki niyat shuru se theek nai lag rahi thi….He sees other patient twice a day but seems to pay undue attention to Raas visiting him 4-5 times a day, chatting with Bholi and trying to come close to her. He also gave him medications on his own, quietly put the Ryle’s tube, Foley’s Catheter and IV lines without arguing with the nurses. What surprised us was that today the Doctor helped the mama to tie the patient too.”

When The QuackdDoc questioned Dr. Phil Good, he explained, “I just feel a special connection with Raas. He reminds me of my MBBS days how I had myself become a stalker after this senior of mine. She was so so….Ahem Ahem…..About me talking to his sister, as a doctor I believe it is important to make frequent eye contact with relatives to convey better. I have a clean heart.”

Dr. Arun Swaminathan, a famous US based neurologist on conditions of anonymity said, “ Doctors are the most pervert of all working professionals. In my vast experience of 1 year as an intern, I have commonly seen many batch mates look at patient or their sisters sometimes with a bad intention.”

Taking clue from the incident, Aamir Khan has already planned the next episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ to high lighten and showcase the pervert Doctors in bad light similar to most episodes of the show.



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