Webinars are painful waste of time: Study.

Webinar Specialist Doctor evaluating Chest X-Ray of a COVID 19 patient.

Mumbai: In a jaw dropping study which has put a question mark on the integrity of the medical fraternity, it has been revealed that most doctors conducting webinars and giving interviews on news channels about Coronavirus are those who have never treated a viral infection in their entire career and have zero understanding about Epidemiology.

While infectious disease specialists are busy working on the front lines, doctors having degrees and expertise in Dermatology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurosurgery, Endocrinology, etc have suddenly become experts on COVID 19 and have been lecturing others on live Webinars and from television studios. The study also highlighted the fact that 70 % of the attendees of the webinars are implanted pawns of the organizers who are not only forced to attend, but are also given pre decided questions to ‘stupidly’ ask during the webinar to make it interactive.

In an exclusive interview with the Quackdoses, Dr. K’abhi Matbann, a plastic surgeon who has so far conducted more than 50 webinars said, “Jo dikhta hai, who bikta hai…. After reading all the forwarded guidelines and policies from Whatsapp University, it is not so difficult to impart knowledge on such platforms, which is mostly on use of PPEs only – not available in the country anyways. We are actually not concerned about solving queries, but are simply more concerned about the number of people present during the live webinars”.

Unconfirmed reports claimed that 2 webinar experts Dr. Munna & Dr. Circuit were secretly overheard saying, “Arre tere ko aur mere ko Corona kya hai, ghanta malum hai?”, to which the other one replied, “Bhai, webinar dekhne walon ko bhi ghanta malum hai”.



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