Wigs & Cosmetics to create 1000s of Doctors : MCI


Mumbai: With the sharp decline in the number of aspiring medical students seen recently after completion of 12th standard, MCI has now gone into damage control mode coming up with new ways to woo science students to join medicine and repent for the rest of their lives. 

It has been observed that most male doctors get partially bald and girls look ugly and old by the time they pass MBBS. This has led to a decrease in the charm and sex appeal of young doctors who no longer find medicine to be lucrative, after all ‘item patana’ and ‘patna’ is the new generation mantra. In a critical meeting of the illiterate babus, it was decided that MUHS will now give wigs for males and cosmetic hamper to females as souvenirs on convocation along with their medical degrees. It was further decided that the top 3 students from each college will be given hair replacement therapy and free nose job or breast augmentation for males and females respectively. 

Aishwarya Rai, one of the brand ambassadors of the campains recollected,“Even though the pervert male & ugly female doctors kept staring at me in the labor room, I think it is not their fault for being in such sorry state of affairs…with Lux & Loreal products in the hamper, they will have more sex appeal….Take care.” 

Only time will tell whether wigs and cosmetics will coax students to take up medicine as a career or not, but medical pundits say it is a master stroke played by MUHS and positive results will soon be seen.



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