Doctor caught red handed, was watching CME slide photos.


Mumbai: In an incident which has sent shock waves among the medical fraternity, a city based doctor, known for clicking photos of almost every slide in all CMEs he ever attended, was caught red handed reading them at home.

It is a well established fact that, these days, most delegates often click photographs of the important slides shown during a CME, but never refer to them ever again. Also, every medical CME in India has at least one such character (ectopic) who while sitting in the front rows, ‘irritatingly’ clicks photos of every single slide shown during a talk, making others nervous if they missed something important.

In an exclusive interview with the Quackdoses, Dr. Photuwala’s wife said, “My husband is well known in the medical circle, to be the only person awake during all post lunch sessions of the CMEs. Many CME organizers specially invite him so that at least 2 people will stay awake during the full talk, the speaker, and him. His phone has more photos of other people’s PPT than mine or our kids, including the ‘Any Questions’ and ‘Thank You’ slides. I was in utter disbelief when I saw him actually going through the slides of the last CME he attended, something which had never happened in the past.”

Unconfirmed reports have claimed that Dr. Puchle, famously known as the attention seeking ‘Question Bank Doctor’ has also announced his retirement from asking dumb questions during CMEs, and will no longer be attending any future talks due to his ill health.



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