IMA comes out in support of Rahul, accuses Modi govt of vendetta.

"I was not sleeping in Lok Sabha, was meditating." - Rahul.

New Delhi – Days after Rahul Gandhi’s former aide Pankaj Shankar criticized the Congress leader that he was still under political “internship” despite having joined politics 15 years ago, the Indian Medicos Association (IMA) has come out in support of the failed leader.

Expressing sympathy and solidarity with Rahul’s political journey, the IMA issued a press release today stating: An Indian doctor’s educational journey is also like Rahul’s internship which doesn’t seem to come to an end. His contribution in politics is similar to that of a medical intern’s contribution in patient care. Only doctors can understand his pain as they too spend almost 15 years doing MBBS – internship – rural MO ship – post graduation – super specialization – bond – year drops for exam preparation, etc before actually starting practice, hence Rahul should not be criticized.

Within hours of the IMA’s press release, the BJP took a potshot at the Congress as the party’s IT cell head Arun Awaminathan tweeted: “India is a leading centre for meditation with a rich heritage. We will order an inquiry whether similar to doctor’s vacations, Rahul Gandhi’s frequent ‘meditational visit’ to ‘Bangcock’ and other odd destinations abroad were also sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.” The IMA claimed it to be vendetta politics.

Misinterpreting IMA’s solidarity, a faction of Gandhi’s loyalists demanded that, “When Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah, who would have never held a ball except his own, can be the BCCI secretary, IMA should also consider making Rahul its next President.”



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