After ‘Khichdification’, WhiteCoat Jr Kids to treat patients.


Mumbai: In another major development after the recent notification for the ‘khichdification’ and mixopathy of medical education / practice by giving surgery nod to AYUSH practitioners, the Council of Indian Medicine (CIM) announced today the launch of WhiteCoat Junior, an online app based platform to teach medicine to kids, and urge them to set up their own hospitals or polyclinics.

In an exclusive interview with the Quackdoses, Dr. Kabhi Mat’bann, President if CIM said, “WhiteCoat Jr is an edutech start-up that will focus on imparting medicine lessons for kids who own a plastic doctor’s set and have experience of playing doctor-doctor with their siblings. Such trained kids can be extremely useful as additional manpower in the COVID centres that the state governments wish to open over the next few months, and also help improve the poor doctor-population ratio in the country.”

The Indian Medical Allopathy Association (IMAA) meanwhile condemned the move and demanded withdrawal of the app from Google Play, describing it as a step which is “ridiculous” since the right age to be wasted studying medicine should be the best years of your adult life from 17-30 years, and not since childhood.

Unconfirmed sources have claimed that citing lack of job opportunities due to the current COVID pandemic, and with investors in his app fighting for refund outside his house, 6 year old Chintu of WhiteHat Jr fame (who was to replace Google’s Sunder Pichai) has now decided to join WhiteCoat Jr instead and start his own Quackhospital soon.



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