(NOTE-An old article which I found scribbled in one of my old diaries,so thought of putting it up.Its not my current frame of mind, I’ve come over it…long time.)

This article will not make sense to all, it is meant only for those who identify with it….

How many times have people tried to influence you, to tell you how difficult you are, what mistakes you make, you shouldn’t have done something, you got a big mouth, you live in a world of your dreams away from reality, you are this….and that.
Do you think you should even listen to such crap or does it even matter to you?

Not to me at least and many of you ,I know, who would after reading this may just even rethink…may be this is what you wanted.

Each and everyone of us come from a different culture, different background, different lifestyles, different past and each one of us is unique to ourselves……Each one of us is not a person but an entire World in ourselves…. I don’t think it is wrong to be in one’s own world if it makes life worth living…..I JUST BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE ARE UNHAPPY THAT YOU ARE HAPPY IN YOUR WORLD….Live life the way you want, do what you feel is right, enjoy every moment even if you are alone, but not lonely…most importantly BE YOURSELF, ALWAYS !



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