This is not a article or a post…it is a long due spontaneous flow of thoughts which I wanted to be frozen in time on my blog…At 24 years of age, I feel as though I have achieved enlightenment…Moksha…I now know the key happiness…be positive no matter what…I feel I have understood the philosophy of life…I feel closer to God each day…so much mature.

Until few months from now, it was money which drove me…materialistic love…cars, bikes, gadgets…I was always unhappy about the sacrifices on the road to becoming a doctor…I always took life too seriously..working hard..missing out on things..but off lately,I have been living a dream balanced
writing..friends.. social work..everything has been maintained well..

There was a time during medical years that I had hit rock bottom…There was no ambition…I did think about leaving everything to become a sage…But the fire burning in my belly to make it big never let my spirit to bow down…Today, I’m filled with immense energy to make everything perfect around me…influence lives…I ‘m proud to be a doctor, to help people…Thankful to my parents, teachers.

Looking back in life, I have lived a dream 24 years…There is nothing more a person could achieve balancing everything…studies, sports, society, extra curricular participation, family, social work, etc…I love to be loved, respected, appreciated but with time I have learned to keep my feet on the ground…My friends used to tell me often, “ bahut udta hai”…I don’t deny it either, I had attitude, was childish at times, made mistakes…but who does not ? Time teaches you a lot..and I have grown with it..met some wonderful people, read some exceptional books, traveled…I’m happy to be who I am…There is not a thing I would want to change about me now.

Just cannot wait to fast forward into the future…but it sure doesn’t matter to me anymore…Life is not about having a fat bank balance…adding degrees to your visiting card…luxury homes and cars…But life is about living every moment of this awesome journey…experiences…meeting people…loving your family…doing what you love and loving what you do…always keeping the smile..finding time for yourself… forgiving people…not looking back too much into sad memories of past..pursuing hobbies…social involvement…always having something to look up to…something to die for…to achieve…Surprisingly, I have my life’s every fortnights planner scheduled till next July, committed to my dates…Lets see where life takes…whats in store for me…But I truly feel blessed for being who I am..Thank you God, I know you have sent me here for a purpose and I won’t disappoint you…You will pat my shoulder when I get back…I will have tales to tell you about this beautiful life as we raise a toast to “A Mission Accomplished” !!



An Emergency Physician by profession; writer, musician, entrepreneur, sportsman and a poet by passion, Dr. Mohit Garg is currently working as Sr. Consultant & Head of the Accident & Emergency department at Gleneagles Hospital, Mumbai. Apart from his zeal to write, he is also passionate about academics and is involved in teaching activities to young doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. This website is a source through which he fulfils his talent to write, and also to bring about a social change for society & the medical fraternity.


  1. finally..something from you which i like from the bottom of my heart…:) i can very much relate to it myself, but bro, this is just the start.. keep balancing things, they provide the spirit of survival and learn to enjoy them..Rock the Mission …:)

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