Last night ,I just happened to come across a piece of paper that had evaded me for almost 8 long years and there was no place at home that I had not searched for it all this while… had “My last words as the HEADBOY” of my dear school where I spent ten years of my life….I know ,I’m no Pandit Nehru to have my speech becoming famous like “At the stroke of midnight…….”but I decided to put it on my blog before the invaluable piece of paper gets lost again…..and also to show that the talent of writing was always there in me, I just realized it late…

Dated 30/1/2002

Respected Principal Mam, teachers and my dear friends,

It has been a pleasure being with you all and spending such a long time with you’ll. Today when it is the last day when we’ll be meeting you, I would like to share with you some of those moments which I will cherish for the rest of my life. Being in this school for a decade was a long journey for me and in these 10 years I have really learnt what it means to be a student, what should be the qualities of a student, that every person in himself has the potential to achieve great heights in life and live up to everyone’s expectations. The only thing we need is desire, devotion, dedication, faith, confidence and determination. These are the jewels of a successful life.

In this journey of school life with the school, teachers and all of you, I have traveled from the station of warmth and care to the station of love and friendship, from the station of kindness and gentleness to the station of sacrifice and happiness, from the station of faith and determination to the station of confidence and hope. And now that the journey is about to get over ,the time has come for us to leave you people to attain greater goals in life.

I still wish I could still spend more days of my life with you’ll, the teachers and the school but its not possible as everything that becomes a part of something will always have an end. The time has come when we have to fasten our seat belts and speed up to the path where we can see our goals waving to us. I wish the very best to all of you and may God bestow upon you every happiness and success.

In the end, I would like to read out to you what exactly is our life….

Life is a Challenge -meet it
Life is a Gift -accept it
Life is an Adventure -dare it
Life is a Sorrow -overcome it
Life is a Tragedy – face it
Life is a Duty -perform it
Life is a Game -play it
Life is a Mystery -unfold it
Life is a Song -sing it
Life is an Opportunity -take it
Life is a Journey -complete it
Life is a Promise -fulfill it
Life is a Love -discover it
Life is a Beauty -praise it
Life is a Truth -realise it
Life is a Struggle -fight it
Life is a Puzzle -solve it
Life is a Goal -achieve it

A heart full THANKS for all the respect and honor I have got being a part of this school that I’m so proud of.



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