Mumbai: In a setback to India’s image as a hot medical tourism destination, Indian Macho Superstar Tusshar Kapoor’s (who shot to limelight with his dumb act in Golmaal series) butt exposing act has put the entire nation to shame.

The BCG mark evidently seen on the Right buttock has become the centre of attention and has drawn huge ire from the WHO (World Health Organization) officials about the grossness in Indian Healthcare system. To add fuel to fire, the protruding nipples of the man boobs or ‘moobs’ which have been compared to ‘Totapuri Mangoes’ on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have highlighted the Silicone implants gone wrong in a botched up surgery conducted at LTMGH.

The above photograph which is now the centre of the storm has attracted support with Dr.Keedawala, the Head of the FN: Doctor’s Lounge Institute of Clinical Research claiming, “Tusshar’s butt looks ripe and ‘The perfect Ass’ for clinical trials. If Tusshar can offer his butt for research into new ways of giving injections, he would not only contribute to science but to the entire mankind, more than he would have by quitting acting”.

With the likes of Tusshar Kapoor joining in the race for the ‘Item Girl’, even Poonam Pandey and Rakhi Sawant are feeling the heat of the new degree of exposure they have to do in future to stay in the competition.

When our gupt samwadata Dr.Salman Butt contacted Tusshar, he stated, “It is nothing but a testosterone injection abscess scar which my Doctor Arun Swaminathan gave me. I plan to sue him in court soon for making this particular photograph public. AA E A O AEO Penchor”

A Red Corner Notice has now been issued against Dr.Arun Swaminathan who is apparently on the run and is expected to escape to US soon.



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