This article is dedicated in the MEMORY OF THOSE MEMORIES that I will cherish for a lifetime…all thanks to this WANAR SENA at LTMMC that made every moment special…..Guys, this one is just for you and a tribute to the person who put in more than we did really…Dr.Prayag Kini….the person whose vision we all justified and fulfilled by our confidence and hard work. I really would have been lying if I would say that did not want to participate in BMC ’09….but to be frank, the thought of final year studies really makes you to have second thoughts. I did not participate last two years after my Dad’s CABG that really put me in a shell not wanting to be the same person that I always was…..But thanks to you guys who wanted me to JUST REVIEW YOUR SPEECHES!!And Prayag sir who kept saying, “Mohit will not say no…..usko ward exam pass karna hai”, that I got to fulfill a wish, never too late….

Sorry Guys……I did not turn up too much for the training session, so I am in no position to write an emotional letter like Nitesh, but I still have tried to hit a century by these thoughts on a lighter note.So here it goes…..

President to the Board for BMC selection at LTMMC – Dr. ND Moulik
Team Manager – Dr.Prayag Kini(SRK of the LT NIGHTREADERS,wished it would have ended like chak de India)
Team Physiotherapist – Dr.Sohum Dave,the only person on Earth to be certified a Doctor in front of 3 senior doctors in flat 35 days
Commentators – Dr.Uma Sunder and Dr.Alok Sharma to whom we all are really grateful for their inputs and suggestions.


1)NIDHI- Captain who did a good job like MSD to lead FROM FRONT….AND TRYING ALL POSITIONS OTHERWISE.

2)ABHIJNA- The Bhajji in our team….who really did something to keep us all
smiling, more on her than on what we were initially laughing about. IAM SURE YOU WILL BE MADE MUTE MANY MORE A TIMES BY THE TIME YOU FINISH MBBS….in exam vivas…..Remember,I am a friend to all.

3)SUJAY- The pervert who has seen so much porn that he knows the facial expressions at every stage of THE ACT…all I can say is BACHNA AE HASEENON.Dost,thanks ki tune mujhe phasan daala BMC mein.

4)ABHA- The RAKHI SAWANT DIEHARD FAN…who love to be in the spotlight for all wrong reasons….thanks for writing my so powerful speech.


6)MOHIT- I would say, I acted more like Yuvraaj, sabke chakke chuda diye….I still wished, we had time for the joker video

7)SURAJ- The wicket keeper, YOU LITERALLY HAD OUR WICKETS IN YOUR HANDS….special applause from me for your hard work….you should’nt have cried like Federer that day….but should have hit back at the NADALS there itself.

8)SUMEET- The happy go lucky, very hardworking researcher cum financer of the team who spoke of dinner at THE COPPER CHIMNEY knowing that all teammates were fighting for a GRADE C contract.SPECIAL ROLE IN TEAM-TINNITUS TO NIDHI in the question answers round.

9)ANKITA- Hats off to your patience,I am sure you’re THE ONE(Remember matrix) who will top PSM in your batch…our speeches a 50 times could not get you bored, PARK KI KYA MAJAL HAI KI TUJHSE PANGA LEGA??

10)MITALI- I must appretiate that you always came up with some GREAT IDEAS, QUESTIONS AND ARGUMENTS.

11)HAMZA- The FIFA player of the year…who really would have wanted to kick my ass very hard on the very first day that I came, What’s say yaar??Nice knowing you…

12)NITESH- You really won our hearts by your touching speech…and mine specially for showing my results live!

BEFORE- Guys, We all played like true champions yesterday and we truly deserve the worldcup…..hope the third umpire Dr.Menda does not become Darly Harper for us… keep your fingers crossed.

AFTER- Its just fine,we had WON the battle yesterday itself when we completely silenced the crowd after our presentation…no need to feel bad….I WOULD OPENLY LIKE TO CHALLENGE AFMC TO WIN A SYMPOSIUM AT A PLACE OTHER THAN INS ASHWINI…

Guys,some thoughts from the heart-I really loved spending such wonderful time with you all and I wished, I had shown some less attitude, waise bhi padhai karke kuch nahi ukhada maine….Sumeet,Nidhi and Abha, you were right,Brain finger printing needed me. The little gossips, the huddles and the cheers for each other….that was enough to touch all our hearts…hope this friendship only grows from here.

This article would be incomplete without talking about what Dr.Prayag has done for us….we wouln’nt have been so good if it would not have been him as our backbone…I personally took part just for his vision for me and was so very happy to get his message saying, “Mohit,you justified my belief in you.”…and also Sohum,we all know that you were also an integral part of this team and you gave more than your 100 %…money can’t show it, but words are louder….

Guys,I don’t really care what Dr.Lawrence Farwell said after yesterday, but I am very sure,if we ever had our brain mapped by BFP, we will all show the same P300 wave at the very thought of BMC’ 2009…….LTMMC was the best yesterday, pray that someday judges will say,SATYAMEV JAYETE,May the truth triumph.

Note-Each and everyone of you has to leave your views in comments for others to read.



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An Emergency Physician by profession; writer, musician, entrepreneur, sportsman and a poet by passion, Dr. Mohit Garg is currently working as Sr. Consultant & Head of the Accident & Emergency department at Gleneagles Hospital, Mumbai. Apart from his zeal to write, he is also passionate about academics and is involved in teaching activities to young doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. This website is a source through which he fulfils his talent to write, and also to bring about a social change for society & the medical fraternity.


  1. hey dude you’ve made me emotional after reading know it was a great experience one which you are never gonna forget.something to cherish the way its soham dave – sumeet

  2. hey mohit…that was really sweet..actually honestly even i didnt like u in d begining when u said all that about our team member when u had just came outta nowhr…but eventually i guess it was all fyn…v probably misunderstood u..we all r surely gonne remain gr8 friends…tc.ankita

  3. Good to know u guys had a great time. Personally, I feel that the most important advantage of BMC is getting to know more ppl and ur juniors thru it. Being in KEM, we know we’ll never make it with a fanatic like menda at the helm.

    They treat Sion n KEM alike; JJ n Nair are at an advantage; AFMC is at the top…

    AFMC are losers. They are so spineless. But, who cares?

  4. hi mohit..ur blog hs managed 2 freeze in tim d memories of thos glorious 20 dys…minus d chill of course…its bin 2 wks since brain mappin rocked asvini bt ur take-off fm niteshs speech managed 2 re-invoke a tender d fragrance of r comaraderie once again overwhelmed d air it brot bac a yearnin 2 meet d 14-member team once ws wonderful seeing u graduate fm mohit d snr 2 mohit d friend..take care..n thnx 4 dedicatin dis space 2 us n 2 r bmc…

  5. i read you blog after 5 months for the first time….first of all tx for thankin me so much(i dnt deserve tht much yaar comon)……..u seriously rocked the show by ur super cool delhi style confidence…..n thts wht i wanted to c……The team was very much incomplete without u…..u rock man!!!! m/PEACEm/

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