It was an absolutely amazing trip to Goa…totally unplanned, unexpected…Got a call from Chetan for normal friend’s talk when he asked me if we could go to Goa next evening and without thinking, I immediately said yes…. Sagar too was joining us…Got the Volvo tickets, hotel booked the next morning and off we were for a 3 days adventure.

The first shocker came when we realized that we had been conned by the travel agent…It wasn’t a Volvo, and it had people sleeping over our heads in the semi sleeper which caught us unawares….The hotel was great though, only 5 minutes from Calangute beach.. We hired scooters and instead of traveling the conventional roads, we rode through the deep villages to get glimpse of the most beautiful beaches in Goa…and the bikini clad ‘Firangi’ babes of course….

An event I will cherish for the rest of my life, is when all our 3 bike keys got lost from Chetan’s shorts while swimming in the sea….all our clothes, mobiles and cameras were in the scooter under the seats…we stranded about 10 kms from our hotel…and Sagar travelled all that distance in a towel asking for free lifts to reach the owner for duplicate keys…hats off to you bro, I couldn’t have done that…While waiting for him, we had a great time making friends with a few local boys…they ‘enlightened’ me as for the first time I came to know that both ‘Acid’ and ‘Score’ meant hashish and marijuana, etc in Goa and not what the chemistry books or what American Pie movies taught me respectively…

In those 3 days, we rode about 250 kms in Goa….a perfect trip riding with friends…I now realize that its so boring to visit a place like Goa with family where you cannot turn around to get a second look of the beautiful women who catch your eyes every now and then….he he…Loved the para sailing, cruising on the bullet, the motor boat ride, etc. It was a trip I’ll always remember…

It has been 6 years now that I started to be a part of this journey to be a doctor while preparing for the CET exam…Going through the tormenting, boring 4.5 years studies in medicine, I didn’t realize how ‘LIFE’ just went by…unlike my engineering counterpart friends who study only a month before exams, we doctors slog round the years….I could do nothing about turning into a boring geek sort of a guy away from this fun filled adventurous life that I actually love so much… I have been places in these 6 years with family but nothing comes close to these awesome 3 days I had in Goa…

Not planning to touch my books anytime soon…I am fed up of running in this rat race for a very long time since school days, it doesn’t get you anywhere….I want to reclaim my LIVELY LIFE now…like the days i just spent…



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