Mumbai: After a sensational claim by Vinod Kambli yesterday that ‘there was something fishy about 1996 Word Cup Semi Final’, Rageshwari Sachdev, a small time TV soap actress & a permanent judge of the Ashwamedh Fashion show has made similar claims about the LTMMC extravaganza.

When Faking News caught up with her, she explained. ” Usually only 2 teams participate each year. One of the home college and the other whom the student council pays to walk the ramp. LTMMC ‘models’ are so pathetic that if the girls tie their hair and wear their specks, they will look like medical students…Boys too are completely expressionless. Still in a trance like state, I always declare LTMMC the winner. I think the smart doctors mix something in the Mazaa cold drink they give me.”

The 2009 Fashion Show too was surrounded in controversy when the then Dean Dr. Moneykha Matkar angrily handed over the mic back to the anchor to 1st announce, ” Now our respected Dean will say a few words”. The same year, an ugly LTMMC female model shook her ass Shakira style and the excited Dr.Matkar awarded her the best female model award.

Though an official report is now awaited after Jodha & Akbar filed an RTI, the current student council has now been rusticated and barred from giving the upcoming University Exams. The erstwhile student council has too been charged and ordered to pay not 5 but 10 lakhs or face 2 yeas of MOship.

The current Dean Sangam refused to comment on the issue.



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  1. GS called Rageshwari's statement as a pure publicity stunt… n also announced name of judge for nxt yrs event… Dr. Sudhir… CMO.. LTMMC LTMGH…

  2. The fixing is so obvious that I can make Mohit win the best female model at the show even though no one is stupid enough to ask him to participate!!!

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