The following might not be the best deserving post to be on my blog but I wanted it here just because it was my honor (I’m scared too, I might lose the paper ) to be invited by the Department of Surgery as the undergraduate representative to give a speech on Dr.Gore’s farewell and it meant a lot to me in my professional career. Also,it feels great to carry on with the mamagiri walking around the hospital and hear from many teachers and sisters whom you meet say unexpectedly,” You spoke very well”…

The physiology hall was full right from the first bench to the last with around 30 others standing in the hall. I had not seen a bigger farewell than Dr.Gore’s in the last 5 years. On the dais were eminent people like Dr.Oak (Director General, Medical education), Dr.Snehlata Deshmukh (Ex-Vice Chancellor, MumbaiUniversity), Dr.Kamath (Dean, LTMMC), Dr.Madhuri Gore and her husband, Dr.Anant Gore. Also present in the hall were Heads of almost all departments, retired teachers, honorary doctors, senior teachers and PG students (UG students are hardly interested in any such events except for the refreshments served afterward )…I have been on the stage a million times before but never did I feel the pride to be a part of the medical fraternity than I did on that day….I was not nervous at all…

And so I began –

Respected Dr.Gore, all the dignitaries on the dais, teachers and my dear friends. It is my honor and my pleasure to be standing here in front of you to say a few words on the day of Dr.Gore’s farewell.

I want to begin on a lighter note…Since almost the whole of the surgery department is present here too, I will tell you all a small incidence. Once a surgery Reg goes to return some books borrowed from the library. The librarian quickly checks the book and says, “Sir, your books are always returned with the last page missing in every book…” The surgeon replies, “I can’t stop myself from removing an appendix wherever I see one, be it in person or in a book.”

Jokes apart, on a serious note, madam, as an undergraduate student because of your presence, we always felt safe….During the exams when students are trembling that Hi-Fi difficult questions would be thrown at them, you always started with the basics to give us that calming effect. Even in final year, when a student isn’t sure whether he/she will clear all 4 subjects or not, we knew that at least till you were there as the HOD, ‘Surgery practicals kaa koi tension nai hai’.

I as an intern was posted in Madam’s Unit for 45 days. On 1 night while taking a patient to Nair hospital for CT scan since ours wasn’t working, the old ambulance mama recollected the time when Gore madam was a houseman !! He said, nothing has changed till today. He remembered the days of joking around with her, having tea and helping her to get her work done faster so she could catch some sleep…He also added that even after becoming the Head of the Department of Surgery, Madam still recognizes him and doesn’t fail to ask, “Kasa ahach tu” gives them immense amount of pleasure.

Madam, we are thankful to you for everything that u have done for us. Words cant express the feelings always but emotions can…In the end, I just want to say…

The best you know, Is still to come
Its time for you, to have some fun
Travel around the world, do anything that you desired
All things are possible, now that you retired
A great retirement, for you is wished
By all of us, Madam you will be missed

Wish you all the very best for a new beginning…..Thank you.



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