Never before have I been so excited and spontaneous to write a blog post… never in past have I endorsed products, written movie reviews…but today was an exceptional day.

Coming straight from a night shift, I didn’t want to miss out on watching the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ on the very 1st day of its release. I’m not a movie freak and watch only those I actually look forward to, have high expectations from…somehow I have always preferred to go to the theater all alone, more like a movie critic than as a audience. Came back home at 12.00 noon, 12.15pm left for the theater taking a chance to get a ticket…12.45 the show starts.
What happened in the next 3 hours was mesmerizing, enchanting, a dream of a movie that left me speechless…I was awestruck with the direction, editing, acting…everything was just perfect and I really wished it did not end. All I could do was to be the first one (among the few) to give the movie a standing ovation for what I had witnessed. 
Nicely dressed in a smart formal wear, as I walked through the mall on my way back, looking at many couples, friends, students, people window shopping, etc caught my eye…It made me relive the past…I observe life everyday closely which brings me immense happiness. While looking at those stores with expensive stuff I had once thought I could not buy from, a credit card (with a good amount as limit) and a Galaxy Note in the pocket (of my own savings) provided much warmth and satisfaction. I really have come a long way in the past 20 years in Mumbai all on hard work and struggle.
With almost 60-65 batch mates from my medical school getting into some sort of a post graduation course and me walking the less travelled path and failing twice (of not getting into premium B schools after 2 attempts at CAT ), I do at time felt like an idiot or a complete loser…Don’t know why but I’m still very happy and satisfied with life, to stay with my family, go swimming in the rain, biking everyday to work in the lovely weather on my modified cruiser, playing TT ( and kicking some ass even after 10 years), music…God has really been kind.
Also, a candid talk with my friend Vidur Mahajan (one of the most down to earth person I have met in 25 years) on phone yesterday did cheer me up too. “We live life just to be happy. Good that you have defined what makes you happy. Even a person doing a MD medicine from AIIMS might not be happy…but do save money from your earnings.”, was what he said.  It was nice to settle a few misunderstandings too. (He was pissed off on me for not attending his wedding in spite of being 3 hours away in Delhi).
Well the movie has definitely cheered me up. I’m ‘happier’…. feeling good about myself…my self esteem…profession…. The Dark Knight did rise…. I shall too, someday.



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An Emergency Physician by profession; writer, musician, entrepreneur, sportsman and a poet by passion, Dr. Mohit Garg is currently working as Sr. Consultant & Head of the Accident & Emergency department at Gleneagles Hospital, Mumbai. Apart from his zeal to write, he is also passionate about academics and is involved in teaching activities to young doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. This website is a source through which he fulfils his talent to write, and also to bring about a social change for society & the medical fraternity.

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